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The Mostly Incoherent Ramblings Of Moi

Bopping to the top the only way I know how...

27 July
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Well, what can I say. My name is Sarah, I'm 17 years old and I live in a tiny fishing village in Newfoundland, Canada, with my mom, my stepdad, and our three slightly insane cats. As for my username? Please don't ask where that came from...haha. Kind of a long story behind it, and if you don't know it, you're probably not going to be interested anyway. Trust me on this one.
I should probably mention that I'm hugely into acting. It's my heart and soul. The only time I feel truly happy is when I'm on stage. I've been in my school's Drama Club since September 2002 and one of my dearest ambitions is to act on Broadway one day. I plan to go to Wilfred Grenfell College here in Newfoundland and study theatre in the next few years.
I guess that's about it. Feel free to have a read in my journal for more info about my daily life. Or maybe not daily. I don't really update as often as I should. Bye for now!

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